We Are Toten Herzen
C Harrison
(published 2013 Alien Noise Corporation)

The first book of the Totenseries, and the opening salvo in the official account of the band’s comeback. Murdered in 1977, discovered alive in 2013. The story of the rock band who refused to die and how one music journalist, Rob Wallet, orchestrated the greatest comeback in the history of rock music.

“Not exactly the sort of people you’d want to upset though.” The finance director read from a memo: “Band members suspected of killing their own manager, suspected of killing the head of their own record label, suspected of killing the person suspected of killing them!”

(

Toten Herzen Malandanti
C Harrison
(published 2014 Alien Noise Corporation)

The second book of the Totenseries follows the band’s return to the studio to record their first album since 1977. Hoping for privacy, the band endure litigation, Rob Wallet’s increasing madness and a powerful coven of witches from Bamberg looking for a book owned by lead singer Dee Vincent.

“There’s nothing sinister.”
“Really? Nothing sinister? You think there’s nothing sinister. Well, there’s a turn up. A group of vampires throw four dead bodies off Striding Edge and a coven tries to smother Rob after nearly crushing him to death next to Coniston. If none of that is sinister we live in troubled times.”

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6 who among us v1Who Among Us…
C Harrison
(to be published 2015 Alien Noise Corporation)

A story based on real events. A vast network of covens collapses after a misunderstood comment leads to all out conflict with a group of Satanic assassins. Three people whose lives are altered when the familiar world around them disappears. Survival will only come from ambition, cunning and help from the Devil himself.

Tollmann noticed Gabbe had found one of the answers.
“Something wrong, Oliver?” said Matheus.
“No. Forensics information. I asked if the victim was . . . you know, dead before he was taken up the spire.” Tollmann took Gabbe’s note, “apparently he was.” He stared at her heavy handwriting.

Planned release date 2015.

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8-the-one-rule-of-magic-v1Reflections: The One Rule of Magic
C Harrison
(to be published 2015 Alien Noise Corporation)

Frieda Schoenhofer is dead, murdered in Rotterdam. But for her grief stricken parents the true story of their daughter’s life is about to begin.

Her father, slowly demolishing the world around him, tries to eradicate painful memories by throwing out his lifelong collection of film memorabilia. Her mother becomes convinced a new born foal is a reincarnation of Frieda.

But Frieda isn’t dead. The One Rule of Magic is a curious tale of one woman’s journey of redemption as she attempts to make amends for her old life, come to terms with what she has become, and in rescuing her father’s discarded collection prepare her parents for the bizarre truth surrounding their daughter’s disappearance.

Planned release date October 2015.


3-there-will-be-blood-v1Toten Herzen: There Will Be Blood

A world tour, a rival band and Rob Wallet sacked.

The Toten Herzen bandwagon was beginning to look more like a clown car: not so much losing the wheels, but the doors, the roof and most of the wing panels. The only silver lining on the banks of numerous stormclouds was the attack on the tour bus in Peru when thieves, unaware of the band on board, bit off more than they could chew (according to the Lima Chronicle) and were bitten back. They died. Some said they were martyred. Police preferred the word murdered and the episode went into Bernadatte Maldini’s ever expanding book of transgressions.

Planned release date 2016.

4-behind-the-wall-v1Toten Herzen: Behind the Wall

Four bodies in a bricked up basement are discovered by builders. The bodies of three women and a man found in a house that once belonged to the owner of Toten Herzen’s record label.

A mysterious murder mystery and a forty year hoax appears to be on the brink of unravelling in the fourth book of Toten Herzen’s reappearance.

Planned release date 2019 if the author is still alive.


5-the-book-of-revelation-v1Toten Herzen: The Book of Revelation

Book five of the Totenseries. After several years of turmoil, investigation and recriminations, the story of the band’s comeback concludes with the final answer to the question: who are Toten Herzen?

Toten Herzen and their label Alien Noise Corporation have authorised a series of novels by UK writer Chris Harrison. Details of these fictionalised accounts of the band’s comeback can be found on these pages.




Planned release date 2020.



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